Maternal, New-born and Child Health and Nutrition (MNCHN) Project

As reported by Uganda bureau of statistics 2019; infant mortality rate indicate 43 death per 1,000 live birth, under five mortality rates indicate 64 death per 1,000 live birth, 27% of pregnant women are attended to by unskilled birth attendants, 49% of sexually active unmarried and 61% of married women cannot access any modern family planning methods these are due to Delay in decision to seek care due to; The low status of women, Poor understanding of complications and risk factors in pregnancy and when to seek medical help, Previous poor experience of health care, Acceptance of maternal death, and Financial implications. Delay in reaching care due to; Distance to health centers and hospitals, Availability of and cost of transportation, Poor roads and infrastructure, Geography e.g. swamps, rivers. Delay in receiving adequate health care due to; Poor facilities and lack of medical supplies, inadequately trained and poorly motivated medical staff, and inadequate referral systems. With “Yot Komi” project, A total of 300 eligible households included 154 and 146 pregnant and lactating women in Oyam, Nwoya, Amuru and Pader districts participated in the activity. During the two-month introduction, 102 mothers delivered at the facility, and 46 pregnancies were registered and follow-upped. To date we have reached and supported 3,034 children and households gain and maintain family planning services, good nutrition practices, and sexual reproductive health services, the four (4) healthcare centers (Loro medical center- Oyam, Keyo medical center – Amuru district, Jafo Medical center – Pader District, Gods Mercy Medical Center – Nwoya District) as an entry point and using the healthcare center information, we identified malnourished children and enrolled them into

Integrated Employment Services (IES) project

The project addresses the demand and supply side of formal employment, with an estimate of 90,000 available vacancies and yet 400,000 graduates are supplied into the job market every year, where the vacancies are limited and above all the graduates do not have adequate skills to match the performance requirement. Village Synergy in partnership with TekLim supported in building capacity of 213 graduates in business and entrepreneurial skills and established 10 businesses for youth and young women, supported graduates to match the available vacancies through mentoring. Supported in mobilizing, creating and building the capacity of 8 (CBOs, NGOs, FBOs) sharing skills in resources mobilization and operational support, the project is being implemented with field offices in Gulu for Acholi sub-region, Soroti for Teso and Karamoja sub-region, Lira for Lango sub-region and Nebbi for West-Nile sub-region

Psychotherapy For Individuals, Couples & Families

Resolve emotional issues and improve your mental health and sense of well-being, all in a supportive and safe space.

Dr. Janet Parker
Expert Clinical Psychologist In Washington D.C.

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